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Calculating The Cost of Your Recipes

I have attached my costing excel sheet below.

It is a simple spreadsheet which you can edit to find out the cost of a recipe.

How To Use The Spreadsheet

The sheet titled Ingredients has 4 columns.

  • Column A is the name of the ingredient
  • Column B is a brief description of what kind of ingredient it is
  • Column C is the cost
  • Column C is the quantity – I have tried to keep the units as grams. If the ingredient is measured in volume (ml) I converted it to grams by finding out the density (from the datasheet) and multiplying by the volume. For example I bought 250ml of Glycerin. The density of Glycerin from the datasheet is 1.26g/ml, therefore to convert it into grams I did 250 x 1.26 = 315g
  • Column D is then the cost per gram

You may add your own ingredients up to row 50 which is the range at which I did the VLOOKUP formula

The sheet titled Costs also has 4 columns

  • Column A is the ingredients for your recipe
  • Column B is the percent
  • Column C is the quantity in grams that you want to make
  • Column D is the Cost – this is calculated by the VLOOKUP formula which finds the ingredient used and multiplies the cost per gram by the grams used in the recipe

It is important that you type / spell the name of the ingredient exactly the same as it is written on the Ingredients sheet

I hope the instructions are clear, if you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact page.

Please note, this is a calculation I made for myself and is not to be used in place of any professional software you might have.

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