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Where to learn and shop

In this post I will be detailing all the research I have done in terms of finding ingredients, recipes and general stock for my ‘lab’ in the UK


Naissance – Natural Healthy Living


UL Prospector has lots of formulation recipes and even gives details about the supplier of each ingredient. Some of the suppliers also offer samples.

Aromantics has a few recipes on their website, they also offer one day courses in london for around £150 teaching things like how to formulate lotions and cleansing products.

Formula Botanica offer online courses and also has a Facebook group with lots of advice from Formula Botanica and other people learning to formulate

Making Cosmetics is in America and have lots of recipes and ingredients, sadly it would be too expensive to have them shipping over

Bramble Berry is a great website full of information, recipes, videos and ingredients


There are some of the cosmetic blogs I regularly read, they have lots of information and advice, as well as recipes.

Its All In My Hands

Humblebee & Me

Swift Craft Monkey

Chemist Corner

Making Skincare

Formula Botanica

Lab Equipment

Check out Better Equipped for things like beakers, safety glasses and face mask

PH Meters: From various forums I’ve read that the checker plus from Hannah Instruments is an affordable & accurate PH meter for beginners

Scales: This is the one I bought from Amazon and it works perfectly – it measures up to 500g with an accuracy of 0.01g

Antibacterial Spray: I use the Milton Surface Spray which you can get from Boots or Amazon


The Avery website has a great online design tool and you can make lots of fancy labels and print them at home on adhesive sticker paper.

You can also get labels from:

Online Labels

Flexi Labels

Abbey Labels

Label Design: Fiver is quiet popular for getting affordable graphics done – you can also get business cards and leaflet designs from Fiverr

You can also check out Visa Print


I am still struggling to find good packaging – it’s also hard to find companies that will sell afford packaging in small quantities.

Anyway, some of the places I have found include:

All In Packaging

Blue Sky Solutions

Naturally Thinking

Soap Kitchen

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