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When it comes to beauty everyone has their own definition and by viewing it differently, everyone becomes beautiful in some way. It’s the huge variety of features, hair, height and body type that makes each and every one of us unique.

But despite all our differences, we still have our similarities. Whether it’s covering our face with an overnight mask hoping to wake up looking 10 years younger or running through the rain to and expecting to stay perfectly dry, styled and sparkly.

Bonnevida Limited embraces both the difference and similarities – that’s why our brand is all about transparency, we believe the best way for you to decide if a product is for you is to know and understand what’s in it.

Our products are handmade in small batches and formulated using inspiration from the benefits of raw materials – such as Marula Oil which is known to have anti-pollution defence and anti-ageing benefits. By combining innovation and high performing active ingredients, we create products that empower beauty.

By choosing natural products, you are choosing self-care.

Always check the ingredients in products you put on your skin or hair.

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Personally Formulated With Natural ingredients, that are great for skin & hair.

By formulating our own products we have full control over the ingredients that we use and the manufacturing method. We always ensure our ingredients are sourced from suppliers that certify that they do not test on animals and that the ingredients are palm free or sustainable sourced.

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What makes us unique why should you buy our products.

There are a lot of companies out there doing handmade natural products – so our first mission is to distinguish ourselves amongst an ever growing crowd. The best way to do that is with transparency. We explain our ingredients, we explain why we have used them and their benefits and, most importantly, we use high quality ingredients without the huge price tag. You can feel the difference.

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